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Emerging technologies outlook: Chapter-2

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Keeping review innovations and emerging technologies different new and existing industries, sectors:

3D printed foods

3D printed food is a way of preparing food in an automated additive way using 3D printers custom-built to handle food ingredients. 

Example: Novameat

AI-enhanced learning

Companies in this space use AI to develop better educational materials for students. Artificial intelligence can be used to create more personalized learning experiences at-scale for students who lack consistent access to one-on-one instruction.

Example: Classcraft

Air taxis

Air taxis refer to transportation in vertical-take-off-and-landing (VTOL) aircraft across short distances, generally bestsuited for urban environments. Companies in this space include both air taxi service providers and eVTOL manufacturers.

Example: Uber

Auto commerce

Auto commerce companies simplify car ownership by digitizing processes related to purchasing, leasing, and selling, as well as maintenance and repairs. 

Example: Vroom

Cannabis beverages 

Cannabis beverages are CBD- or THC-infused drinks that range from tea, soda, and juice to beer and wine. They are often marketed as health and wellness products and are gaining popularity because of their convenience and potential health benefits. 

Example: BevCanna

Cashierless checkouts

Cashierless checkout is a collection of technologies that make the retail checkout experience faster and easier by relying on computer vision and camera technologies to track what a consumer picks up in a store.

Example: Amazon Go

Income share agreements (ISA) education

Income share agreements (ISA) education include technology-focused educational institutions that allow students to pay a percentage of their future income in lieu of upfront tuition.

Example: Prenda

Smart clothing

Smart clothing uses micro-sensors embedded into traditional clothing items, typically to track biometric data. This tech-enabled clothing allows people to monitor their physiological functions conveniently and discreetly. 

Example: Under Armour

Smart home assistants

Smart home assistants are platforms that integrate with smart home device application program interfaces (APIs) to enable home automation through a universal control platform. 

Example: Amazon Alexa

Smart locks

Smart locks are digitally-enabled door locks that connect to apps and central access management systems. In some cases, they use biometrics for instant access.

Example: Mobike

Smart jewelry

Smart jewelry is a type of wearable technology that monitors users’ vital signs while looking aesthetically like typical jewelry. 

Example:Oura Health

Space tourism

Space tourism companies offer recreational space travel. Space tourism is in a nascent stage with trips remaining infrequent and highly expensive. Many of these companies hope to make recreational space travel available and affordable to more people over the coming years.

Example: Virgin Galactic

Sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion companies create clothing using fewer or alternative materials that contribute less waste to the environment. 

Example: Everlane

Sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism is the idea that travel should have a positive impact on the environment, culture and economy of the place being visited. Companies in this space encourage a sustainable ethos by curating tours and experiences, giving some proceeds back to local communities and causes, and by practicing and encouraging environmental stewardship.

​​​​​​​Example:​​​​​​​ Intrepid Travel

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