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Emerging technologies outlook: Chapter-1

With global uncertainty and signs of recession, it's time to review emerging technologies areas that have the potential to create new industries or redefine existing. Some of them are still on the research stage and some are going into a mature phase and already provide solutions and products on the market:


Autonomous shipping

Autonomous shipping companies use technologies like computer vision, LiDAR and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the shipping of goods in the maritime industry. Autonomous ships could decrease the risk of collision, as well as reduce crewing costs.

Example: Wilhelmsen Group

Autonomous trucking

Autonomous trucking companies use technologies like computer vision, LiDAR and AI to automate the long-haul trucking industry. Self-driving trucks typically have well-defined routes, making full autonomy a more realistic option relative to other vehicles.


Blockchain real estate

Blockchain real estate uses blockchain and the underlying distributed ledger technology to increase transparency in real estate transactions.

Example: Setcoin Group

Cannabis breathalyzers

Cannabis breathalyzers are tools law enforcement agencies can use to test for impairment of drivers potentially under the influence of marijuana.

Example:Hound Labs

Commercial space launch

Commercial space launch includes companies launching satellite payloads, organizing and providing satellite launch capabilities or developing infrastructure for launch.

Example:Blue Origin

Digital freight brokerage

Digital freight brokerages are online marketplaces that connect shipping entities and truckers via mobile apps.

Example: Convoy

Election tech

Election technology companies design systems to engage and empower voters to participate in democratic elections. These companies aim to make the process of voting more transparent and inclusive to combat disenfranchisement.

Example: Democracy Live

Food service robots and machines

Companies in this space develop automated machines to assist foodservice in relation to the preparation, food running, and vending. These robots and machines save on labor costs by automating food service tasks like food portioning, food prep vending, and more.

Example: Picnic

Ghost kitchens

Ghost kitchens are stripped-down commercial kitchens with no dine-in option. Although several varieties of ghost kitchens exist, they all share a common feature: they’re focused exclusively on food delivery.

Example: DoorDash

Indoor mapping

Indoor mapping technologies use floorplans, indoor positioning systems (IPS), and other private data to build comprehensive maps of any indoor space—digitally positioning people and objects in offices, venues, and other buildings.

Example: HERE Global

Industrial workplace safety

Companies focused on industrial workplace safety develop technologies to reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents, which kill an estimated 6,000 people each day. These tools also give employers better ways to monitor the health and safety of their staff.

Example: PrecisionHawk

Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN)

LPWAN is a type of wireless communication network designed to enable long-range communication at a low bit rate between various sensors. The technology is lucrative because it allows owners of sensors to deploy them in a wide geographical area without having to invest in other gateway technologies.



Microweather forecasts give up-to-the-minute weather conditions for your exact GPS location. These forecasts have applications for individuals and organizations, like farmers who are trying to decide when to plant crops.

Example: ClimaCell

Smart packaging

Smart packaging systems use embedded sensor technology to monitor packages’ lifecycles through the supply chain.

Example: Blippar

Sports tech

Sports technologies include wearables, biometrics and artificial intelligence technologies for those in pursuit of increased athletic performance or a better fan experience at sporting events.


Supersonic travel

Supersonic travel allows air travelers to travel faster than the speed of sound to reach their destinations in half the time. Though this has not been an option commercially since the Concorde was retired in 2003, companies in this space are competing to develop improved modes of supersonic transit.

Example: Boom Supersonic

Warehouse management tech

Warehouse management technologies aid in various form of warehouse management and include autonomous robots, warehouse management platforms, wearables to improve worker safety and health and asset tracking sensors and scanners.

Example: ShipBob

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