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Advanced Technologies

Humanity as civilisation needs to continue explore the world and Universe where we are living.

As private-sector ventures by Musk, Bezos and others help humanity push beyond Earth’s boundaries, the limitations of chemical propulsion are becoming apparent. Rockets are a short-term solution for reaching space, but their limited speed, expensive cost & the pollution they cause leave us in need of a better long-term solution.

To achieve new purposes we can't use previous solutions that was help us come today here where we are now, we need new solutions for next generations to be able grow and explore the world where we are live.

We need to focus at technologies which before today was reviewing by people only in fantastical books & movies but in next few decades this technologies become our reality as everything that we use now in everyday life but in few decades earlier it was only in fantastic literature & movies.

To be able explore our galaxy & other galaxies in our Universe we need technologies that would allow us to grow at intergalactic civilisation.


Antigravity technology would revolutionise space exploration and energy production. It would slash the energy demands of travel and transportation. First, however, we'd just have to drastically alter our understanding of physics and figure out how to counter this powerful force. As such, antigravity technology remains both the Holy Grail and a red flag. There's been no shortage of hoaxes, conspiracy theories and credibility-straining reports regarding its research.



Superconductors are materials that conduct electricity with no resistance. This means that, unlike the more familiar conductors such as copper or steel, a superconductor can carry a current indefinitely without losing any energy.

Superconductors already have drastically changed the world of medicine with the advent of MRI machines, which have meant a reduction in exploratory surgery. Power utilities, electronics companies, the military, transportation, and theoretical physics have all benefited strongly from the discovery of these materials.

To this day, the largest successful applications of superconductors remains the powerful electromagnets used in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems (over 22,000MRI magnets made) and research magnets, and the RF accelerator cavities used in high energy physics experiments.

Zero-Point Energy

Zero-point energy, also known as ground state energy, could be the greatest gift the quantum world can ever give us. It’s a byproduct of the fact that subatomic particles don’t really behave like single particles, but like waves constantly flitting between different energy states. This means even the seemingly empty vacuum of space is actually a roiling sea of virtual particles fluctuating in and out of existence, and all those fluctuations require energy.

If there’s as much energy in those fluctuations as some — though definitely not all — physicists believe, and if we could ever learn how to tap into this phenomenon, we would gain access to an unparalleled source of energy. Zero-point energy could power the planet with the strength of multiple suns, making it easy for us to solve Earth’s energy problems forever or to travel beyond the solar system and take our place among the stars.

If we will dedicated 1-2% GDP Spending at Research & Development Next Generation Technologies which have potential to become fundamental for human being civilization future exponential growth it would significant increase our steps to become intergalactic civilization.

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