Main benefits of service economy to country it's local providing and consumptions current services couldn't be imported or outsourced from/to another country.

Services which provided home nurses, tutors, hair/nail and makeup stylists, entertainment services, etc are all needed in local areas and provided by services providers in country.

Services economy have sustainable growth for GDP based on internal consumption.

Blockchain technology capabilities provide solution to interact with members without borders immediately for financial or decision making solutions.

First ever in history we have opportunity to create Global services economy with local value generation and strong growth of prosperity and GDP in each countries.

Based on services economy most valuable asset that country have are people, as much people available in county as much needs in services they generate to service providers.

Countries with most population will have exponential growth in global services economy in long-term, as services economy are building around people needs: agriculture, energy, transport, high quality personal services and it will stimulate service providers  to go in this space for meeting demand from population. In next decades we need to focus building innovation solutions for existent and next generation industries to satisfy population growth on the planet. Those countries which will create conditions for growth of innovation will have exponential growth in Global Services Economy.

Countries with most population with have majority share in global services economy in long-term, as people generate needs for high quality personal services and it will stimulate service providers  to go in this space for meeting demand from population. Most valuable asset in next decades become industries that are building around people needs. 

Each person will generate value to global economy. Based on this value person will have impact at global voting decisions and determine way of going all economy.

Blockchain technology and decentralization provide opportunity for regular people to have impact at global decision making based on value which they are providing in global world growth.


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